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Hooked ~ Learning Crochet in One Week

I won a free class at Craftsy though a giveaway. I thought it would be laughable if I won because I am not a crafty lady. When Jo gave me the good news, I weighed the pros and cons of the classes, settling on either knitting or crocheting. At Twitter, I asked which yarn art […]

8 births in 24 words

I found an interesting birth story exercise. Can you write your birth or adoption story in 3 words?

Aidan: Complicated painful delight.

Ryley: Natural, shaking, ecstatic.

Sam: Sleepy, sudden, lunchtime.

Tommy: Racing, sinking, racing.

Joel: Flashbacks, hushed, gratefulness.

Beatrix: Prolapse, cutting, alive.

Archie: Kicking down door.

Teddy: Backward, bound, freed.