Ancient History

A list of anniversary gifts, Lifenut-style

So young. So oblivious.

What if anniversary gifts were based on what happened during our various years of marriage? I thought about what would have made appropriate gifts. Here’s my list with Traditional, Modern, and Lifenut:

First Anniversary: Traditional is paper. Modern is clocks. Lifenut is diapers.

Second Anniversary: Traditional is cotton. Modern is china. Lifenut is a […]

How to Make a Fun and Easy Mario and Luigi Cake


Teddy had a very difficult time deciding what kind of cake he wanted for his fourth birthday. He swung from Thomas the Tank Engine to Mario Kart to Oscar the Grouch. He even proposed incorporating all three into a complicated and bizarre cake where trains, Italian plumbers, and grouches live in harmonic world of sugar, […]

Icing and pickles

Grandma Alice, late 1930s

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now 43, which depresses my daughter because I’m not 42. That was the age of the answer to life, the universe, everything. She was mournful as she noted it. When I told her I had re-slipped into obscurity and mediocrity, she told me to stop talking about it, I was […]