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How to Build a Minecraft Birthday Cake

Ryley told me he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday. How simple! Finally, a child with a non-crazy birthday cake request. Last year’s Tardis cake was tricky enough. Maybe Ryley was finally moving beyond having geek-culture inspired cakes now that he’s getting deeper into his teens.

Nope. On the morning […]

Beatrix at Six

She’s been looking forward to turning six since the day after she turned five. Maybe it’s because it has a nice ring to it: “Beatrix is six.” How many of our names rhyme with our ages? It doesn’t happen often.


Beatrix wanted a “B” cake. At first, I was charmed by […]

Bless Two

On November 2, 2005, I wrote the following in a post called Blow out the candle. Joel, our fifth child, had just turned two. By the time my older kids were two, they each had a younger sibling. Joel did not because of two devastating pregnancy losses. I was clinically infertile. Yes, even a mom […]