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How to Make a Cute and Easy My Little Pony Cake

my little pony birthday cake

Beatrix turned seven yesterday. Her birthday cake wish was anything with Twilight Sparkle standing majestically atop. It could have been a hay bale, a stack of tires, or a log cabin made of beef jerky sticks; if Twilight were involved, she’d be one happy pre-preteen.

I often top cakes with little toys. They’re inexpensive, […]

Bananas and Barrels: A Donkey Kong Country Returns Birthday

Sam was welcomed to his teen years by a gorilla on a mission and his red-hatted little monkey pal. Really, running through a jungle while smashing barrels and fighting banana-stealers is a lot like being a teen. It’s tough, but fun work and often involves frantic searches for food with friends.

One of Nintendo’s newest […]

Week One ~ A Slow Start

Everyone agrees. It would be best if we could pack up and move to Danville, where summer vacations are 104 days. But, we must work with what we are given and it’s nowhere close to 104 days. Divide that in half and add a sprinkling of a few Saturdays and Sundays. The first week of […]