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Wishing the petals away ~ a story of patience

The moment he saw the small mylar frog balloon, Archie was in love.

The balloon, which is attached to a plastic stem, sits atop a bouquet of flowers given to me by a friend. I have them on the nightstand next to my side of the bed. The flowers are fresh and bright, mostly […]

Hanging on to my heels

I wrote this status update at Facebook:

This status update brought to you by Hulk Gretchen. Me still on bedrest. Me watery stuff still low but baby no come because not low enuf which good news but mean Gretchen got to watch moar Everybody Loves Raymond on da Netflix for lots moar dayz and dayz. […]

Shaking the sting away

Greetings from my queen-sized bed!

Once again, late pregnancy has brought me to the land of oligohydramnios—the fancy-pants way to say “low amnionic fluid.” Nobody knows why my body or my babies suddenly decide to replicate The Sahara inside, but this is my fifth time battling it away. This past Tuesday, I had a […]