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The magical fruit

Please direct your clicks over to A Deeper Family today. I wrote about yet another cooking disaster. Some people can’t dance. Some can’t keep plants alive. I am often tripped up in the kitchen when I try new recipes for dinner.

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Joining Basil

I wrote about shopping with Ryley. He’s abandoned the land of baseball-playing frogs. Read about Man Pants over at A Deeper Family. Please say hello. I’m kinda fond of this post. What milestones surprised you?

(The title of this post makes total sense if you went through a Fitzgerald phase. If you came here […]

Entertainment for your Ides of March Party

Aren’t we mothers supposed to make fabric banners and cupcakes for ever major, minor, and pointless holiday on the calendar? Pinterest is fueled by the desire to commemorate every blazing day by making a themed craft or food. For the Ides of March, I propose red velvet cupcakes topped with fondant daggers. Have your whole […]