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Entertainment for your Ides of March Party

Aren’t we mothers supposed to make fabric banners and cupcakes for ever major, minor, and pointless holiday on the calendar? Pinterest is fueled by the desire to commemorate every blazing day by making a themed craft or food. For the Ides of March, I propose red velvet cupcakes topped with fondant daggers. Have your whole family dress in togas as you beat a Soothsayer pinata. Make Et Tu, Brute? Etouffee, a lively shrimp dish seasoned with betrayal. What does shrimp have to do with ancient Romans and Shakespeare’s rendition of long-ago events? NOTHING. What does Lucky Charms cereal have to do with the venerable St. Patrick of Ireland? We mothers don’t have to make sense. We just have to look good not making sense.

About a year and a half ago, I caught Sam, Joel, and Beatrix staging Julius Caesar using their Webkinz. Sam read the lines, Joel and Beatrix would repeat them back. I captured some of it on video. I should have held my phone horizontally. I know this now and have mended my ways. If you aren’t into watching 2 minutes of children saying lines from Shakespeare, check out the video from about 1:00 to 1:15 for my favorite part.

If you can’t see the video, refresh the page or go to this link.


My newest A Deeper Family post is up today. It’s about how my boys learned about vasectomies, thanks to Tom Bergeron.

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