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Exhausted in the Right Arms

Ollie has fully recovered from a startling, sudden, severe case of croup. It was his first. I’ve dealt with croup many times, but this was a whole new level of croup. Like a Croup Vortex. I took him to the doctor after a very long night and it was rough. I had never seen him so sick, so infuriated. I wrote about those moments for A Deeper Story. Here’s a snippet:

And people would say things like how it’s God’s Plan. He knows. He needed your grandmothers and grandfathers and your babies, greeting cards claimed. Angels, the lot of them. Meanwhile, you were thinking they were no more angels than they were golden retrievers but you let the words carry you away, temporarily anesthetized. Maybe you entertain yourself with the thought some of them might rather be a golden retriever than an angel. Stupid words, absorbed, danced around, clutched in a shushing sway. Futile, but heartfelt. How desperately I wanted my little son, still very much a baby, to believe my promises and praises. Maybe he’d say something like, “If this is what bravery is, then no thank you.”

Nothing could soothe him that morning. He owed relief to simply being exhausted in the right arms.

Pop over to the recently re-designed site and say hello. Also, after I wrote it he ended up having to go back to the ER. Our Ollie gave us a scare.

All better now

All better now

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