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Still sick

Here’s an update regarding the Yale artist:

Today, as she was questioned by a panel of deans, Aliza Shvarts admitted she lied—except instead of calling it a lie, she called it a “creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body.”

Oh. I see.

Well, that changes everything! Now I understand! The female body is ambiguous, with those weird uteri and ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy, then end it, then do it all over again, then end it, then do it all over again. Functional, yet with an intriguing pear-shape and warm pink color and tenuous hold on life when it is bobbing around inside. When form and function meet, there you find an IKEA or a 1950s breadbox.

She certainly achieved her goal of drawing attention to this ambiguity.

9 comments to Still sick

  • I love how the Yale spokesperson said, “Had these acts been real, they would have . . . raised serious mental and physical health concerns.” Right, because lying about doing something as appalling as this in order to get attention, THAT doesn’t raise mental health concerns.

    At least she didn’t really use her body and the lives of the innocent unborn children as an artistic medium. She needs some serious help, though.

  • I am disturbed by the same comment Jamie was. I don’t see this as that far removed from other abortions. The only difference is that she was trying to get pregnant and other moms who have abortions maybe weren’t trying. They’re all still doing something that “violates basic ethical standards.” Killing.

    My two cents.

    Heidi’s last blog post..Weekend Update

  • Oh, I meant to add “if the acts had been real.”

    Heidi’s last blog post..Weekend Update

  • I fail to understand how this is “performance art.”

    I think most of America would.

    Also, where I come, from we call that “lying.”

    Kelly @ Love Well’s last blog post..The Frog Catcher

  • Yeah, that is even more messed up.

    Heth’s last blog post..A Ballad

  • You know, after I read your post earlier, and after I had gotten over the initial I’m-so-irate-I’m-shaking shakes, I thought to myself, “Really?” I just couldn’t figure how she could do it – emotionally and physically. Maybe I was just fooling myself into thinking it was a lie so that I wouldn’t have to consider such cruelty and sickness in the world.

    But now that it turns out it IS a lie, I’m not so sure the terms “cruel” and “sick” don’t still apply.

    Stacey @ Happy Are We’s last blog post..Burning Up on Re-entry

  • jen

    Poor girl, she really needs help. She’s got something not quite right about her.

    jen’s last blog post..Summer plans

  • “… an Ikea or a 1950’s breadbox…”
    BEAUTIFULLY put. I really hope that someone in this young woman’s life helps her to get some help. Also, now I am seriously worried about where to send my artsy kids to school.

  • I thought of you and anonymouse immediately upon reading it…then I promptly decided that someone in her past has hurt her badly. She’s crying out for help.

    Rach’s last blog post..lodging and a slew of colo*stomy bags

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