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Springtime in the Rockies

Just a few days ago we were enjoying temperatures in the 70’s. The kids spent hours in the backyard playing and siphoning sunshine straight from the sky. I love tucking them in bed at night knowing their yawns and sleepy eyes come from good, healthy, old-fashioned, dirty-face-and-clothes-making romping around like puppies.

Our “wild with sunshine” spring has been put on hold due to a typical phenomenon here in the Rockies. One day the kids are wearing shorts and sandals, the next I am left wondering if any shoes (taken off in a sudden urge to be barefoot and get really dirty) are buried under the foot of snow that crashed onto our newly-green grass while we were sleeping. The pace of the snowfall hasn’t slowed, either.

I thought it was April! It is! It is!

I am thinking of my poor purple pansies that bloomed within the last week, to my surprise. They probably feel like a polar bear fell from the sky and landed on their delicate faces. Ouch.

I am secretly hoping for school closings tomorrow. We haven’t had any this school year and I feel that all children deserve at least one day off due to excessive precipitation. It isn’t a real Colorado childhood without getting to turn on the news at 6am and hear the announcement that schools are closed at least once every school year.

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