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Blizzards Aren’t Just From Dairy Queen

The local NBC affiliate delivered our good news: our school district is closed today! Hubby’s office was closed as well (but in an example of how technology is annoying, he still had to work via the internet). We were amused that our blizzard made national and even international news—one of hubby’s coworkers, in Northern Ireland, asked him about our dire situation.

We received about two feet of snow at our house, enough to fill in the space between the ground and the swings, covering the seats.

This blizzard was pathetic compared to one we had two years ago when we received 58 inches of snow in two days. But we welcomed this blizzard just the same. All blizzards are worth it when you have a 250 packets of Swiss Miss hot chocolate (thank you, Costco), a sufficient supply of diapers, and lots of microwave popcorn (which reminds me, I need to vacuum).

When we told Ryley that school was closed, he said with all the withering exasperation of a Kindergartner: “I knew it would be…can I play video games?”

The pristine blanket of snow was soon crumpled and churned by the kids. It reminded me of heaping mounds of powdered sugar, blinding white and heavy. I strapped on hubby’s boots (they are taller than mine) and went out into the yard to help roll a snowman. It turned out looking like Jabba the Hut.


Tommy didn’t want to make snow angels. He was making snow monsters…

snow monster

Home from school, but still learning the laws of physics and how to make good sledding paths that maximize speed (hint: have mommy build a snow ramp off the patio), Aidan and Ryley attempt to blaze a new trail:


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