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Spring Cleaning, Lifenut Style

housewife with a hose

I thought I would tie up some loose ends. Several of my posts may have left you hanging in suspense.

1. Aidan’s skirt was up, intact, and her nose was Kleenex-free. She reported no embarrassing incidents with her skirt and has plans to wear it again soon. Unless she gains 30 pounds before then, I will secure her skirt with a safety pin. Uh oh. I just had visions of her in the school bathroom trying to un-pin it and then re-pin it. She could poke herself…

2. The neighbors finally took down their Christmas lights and light-up train sometime during the evening of April 1st.

3. I still have the peace sign onion ring. It is resting comfortably in our freezer. I have no plans to sell it on ebay or eat it.

Off to hook up my hose for some real spring cleaning…

1 comment to Spring Cleaning, Lifenut Style

  • I wish the housewife of 2000 could just hook up a hose… would make the housework seem so much less daunting (I think my laundry is glaring at me).

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