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Something else to pack…

A quick pop-on post to share that hubby just gave me something small, shiny, pink, and darling for my (admittedly early) birthday present. A mini iPod! Pink! He thought I might like to use it on our trip tomorrow to help drown out the noise of “Thomas the Tank Engine’s” chuffing and peep-peep-peeping along on the DVD.

It would have been perfect to listen to the vast array of songs I have planned for it whilst reading my new issue of “In Style” magazine. Too bad Joel threw up his apple-cranberry juice on it this morning. I set it out in the sun to dry. Hopefully, with any luck, the pages will turn. Only a mommy would consider salvaging a magazine like that. Or am I alone?

Crickets. Chirping.

I can’t read serious literature in cars anymore without getting nauseated. It detracts from my passenger-seat driving and wildlife viewing.

2 comments to Something else to pack…

  • bro-de-mopsy

    I’ve only been a father for three weeks, and amazingly, it doesn’t gross me out to change their diapers. Now – Sammy, yeah, he had some nasty diapers during our babysitting duties of years past. So, I’m sure if one of my boys spews on my CGW (“Computer Gaming World”, for the unintiated) I’ll shrug it off too.

  • Amy P

    I am sitting at my computer, trying to recover from a bout of tummy upset. Reading about Joel’s apple-cranberry juice accident, and your difficulty reading literature in cars, isn’t helping. I can’t read anything in a car without getting nauseated, In Style or anything else. And right now, I can’t read this post without seriously wanting to…. excuse me for a minute!

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