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Sentimental Journey

We are marking the end of the school year by leaving town in the only way we know how—noisily, with a lot of fanfare, and overpacked. We are going to Grand Junction, Colorado. It is my hometown, my parent’s home, the place where hubby and I met, got married, had two of the kids, and also the home of a very strong Native American curse I am waiting to kick in. Ask a local—they’ll fill you in and they can also tell you where the swan and St. Bernard live too.

We get to careen through some of the most magnificent parts of Colorado, with a few less-than-stellar miles around a town called Silt. I can hardly wait to sleep under the same roof where I grew, played, talked on my beloved pink telephone, fought with my siblings (especially you, sister-of-mopsy), ate Swiss Steak weekly, devoured locally grown peaches, and grew.

Just like my kids, who are presently growing under this roof.

We are taking a physical journey to sentimental places, but events of this week, with school drawing to a close, have taken me on an emotional sentimental journey. Here’s a list of the things I have added to my already-bulging suitcases and trunks:

1. Today, I picked up Sammy from his last day of preschool. We spent four years there. The three oldest kids each attended. We were very active in the life of the school. Theoretically we are moving this summer, likely far away from the school so we can’t attend. I didn’t anticipate how teary I got when I realized I was cleaning out Sammy’s cubby for the last time, signing him out for the last time, exiting the yard for the last time, driving away for the last time. You know a mommy is weepy when she cries on the last day of school.

When we arrived home, I said “Wow! You are all done with preschool! You’re going to be a kindergartner!”

Sammy looked at me and said “I am a kindergartner now.” I guess so.

2. Ryley had his kindergarten graduation this past Tuesday. During the ceremony each child stated their name and what they want to be when they grow up. Ryley said he wants to be a railroad engineer.

On the way home I said “so, you want to be a railroad engineer?”

Ryley said “yeah, but first I have to get married. There are so many beautiful girls, I don’t know how I will pick one!”

Does the mother of the groom traditionally wear blue, or does she take her cue from the mother of the bride and choose accordingly? Chicken or beef for the rehearsal dinner? I wonder if we should do a buffet? It is so much easier.

3. Aidan’s Brownie troop had its badge and recognition ceremony. Over pizza and root bear we celebrated the accomplishments of these bright and earnest little girls, who spent their school year learning about everything from taking care of pets to environmental restoration. I hope it doesn’t take me 9 months to sew the badges on her vest like it did with last years batch of badges. Yes. Nine. Months.

4. Aidan’s art was on display at Barnes and Noble last night. This is the same piece that was on display at the school district’s elementary school art show. Her school later bought it from her for $10. So much fuss over a really awesome (priceless, to me) picture of an elephant she made using grey and white construction paper cut into basic shapes and brilliantly arranged in a whimsical manner…
elephant pride

One more thing about this weekend…we have decided after 8pm tonight the words “house”, “hunting”, “looking”, “Aurora”, “master suite”, “north-facing driveway”, “ugly yard”, “refrigerator”, “not”, “included” are all banned from our lexicon. We want some temporary distance from the moving and house hunting process.

8 comments to Sentimental Journey

  • sister-of-mopsy

    It wasn’t ALL arguments…. right? I just thought you were the coolest big sister and wanted all that you had… great music, great clothes, and all things I didn’t have. You never wanted my stuff… and who wouldn’t? I mean really, I had a stellar collection of big hair band tapes. I think you thought I was your pesky little sister whom always stole and stretched out your white pants and deliberately embarrassed you in front of your boyfriend. Isn’t that what little sisters are for? Anyway, our bedroom is now mom & dads office / guest room / storage room so there’s not much sign of us left. But that’s OK everything else is still around. It’s always nice to go home.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and drive carefully.

  • mopsy

    Awww, sissie. It wasn’t all arguments, of course. I always thought you were so pretty (even with 80’s hair) and you were never afraid to try things. You are the same way today! I had no idea you thought I was cool—really. Think about how many times I borrowed your clothes (that bizarre t-shirt with the embroidered woman in the ball gown, your white jean shorts, your sweaters…) Mom and dad have erased every decorating touch we gave to the room but it will always be ours to them, I think.

    Wish you could be there…

  • bro-de-mopsy

    Better get my two-cents in here, since I was on the other side of the wall during those screaming arguments at 6:30am. Okay – we had great times in that house – playing circus on Mom and Dad’s bed, dressing your poor little brother in dresses, and playing dentist with our stuffed animals. Hey, at least your closet still has your “stuff” in it – Mom and Dad made me clean mine out last summer. They didn’t hesitate to turn my room from a boys room to a frilly, flowery guest room two days after I moved out.

  • mopsy

    And may I say that we enjoyed sleeping in your former bedroom this past weekend? So frilly. So girly. So cozy. Not an action figure in sight…

  • sister-of-mopsy

    They’re all buried in the backyard. There are dozens of Star Wars and Fisher Price village people corpses all over the garden. Who can forget the battle of Luke Skywalker against Mr. Fireman with He-man’s sword? Oh bro-de-mopsy you must cringe when you think of your original Star Wars action figures lying in their dirty grave. May the rest in peace.

  • bro-de-mopsy

    Yes, but I actually dug some of them up. Still dirty and everything. Darth Vader needs a bath.

  • mopsy

    Yes, he smells of grilled Ewok.

  • Your son’s comment about girls was too funny! My almost 5 year old son has 3 sisters and thinks girls are just bossy.

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