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A nice scan of Baby Blues was here until the awful admin pulled it down to prevent potential copyright problems. A link to the strip will be put up when it appears on In the mean time reach for your newspaper and look for the strip from June 1st, 2005.

Not long ago I wrote this post about how being a stay at home mom is not the “hardest job in the world.” Rather, I think having to put on pantyhose and go to a job would be much harder for me in many ways. I wrote:

To me, having to wear pantyhose 40+ hours a week would be difficult. Having to deal with office politics, employee-lounge festering and crusty microwaves, nametags, cubicles, endless meetings, and commuting seems far more distasteful than anything that confronts me at home.

I want to make it clear that I am not putting down moms who work outside the home—many of my favorite people are moms who work. It just isn’t for me or for our family (what would the daycare bill look like for five (six!) kids, anyway?). I genuinely feel I have been called to stay at home and I have been richly blessed by the experience. My greater point was that it is insulting to people who really do have difficult lives to claim that American stay at home moms have it rough. We don’t.

So when I saw this comic strip in this past Wednesday’s Rocky Mountain News I could readily identify. Of course the issue goes much deeper than pantyhose. If only it were as easy as squeezing into a pair of Hanes Control Tops.

2 comments to Pantyhose

  • hamster

    I don’t get the RMN and I didn’t take offense, but you should know that I don’t wear pantyhose or a nametag, that my office isn’t a cubicle and I suspect that the politics aren’t any trickier at work than at school, soccer or the pta.

  • mopsy

    No pantyhose? It is ironic. We wore more pantyhose in high school than we do now (thinking of debate days).

    If there are politics at the preschool, the kids PTA, etc, I am pretty naive about it. Or I don’t care, hee hee.

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