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Today is all about my neices nieces and nephews. This weekend holds special things for all five of them. From oldest to youngest:

Happy Birthday to Coco, who is turning 10 on Sunday! She is my sister’s daughter, sweet and talented. They live on the east coast so we rarely see them. One of the funniest (to me because I can picture my sister) stories I have heard was when my sister had just given birth to Coco and was in a first-time mom daze. The nurse said to my sister, “honey, could you lift your arm?” Thinking they were doing yet another medical thing she lifted her arm only to have the nurse slide a big hamburger right under her chin. This was literally minutes after Coco was born. Nothing tops off giving birth like a hospital hamburger.

Welcome home to Nini and Mikey’s Bug! He just spent a week with grandparents in Albuquerque on his first big-boy solo visit, which was a reward for embracing potty training. I know he had a blast and probably consumed 20 gallons of chocolate shake. They are traveling home today.

Happy First Birthday to Nini and Mikey’s Babygirl. She is one today! She is adorable, just like a little pixie. We are looking forward to her birthday party tomorrow. No brie, Nini. Here are pictures of the birthday girl when she was just a week old and Bug, passed out in his dinner during a visit to our house:
sweetiepeasthe boy with five names

Finally, I will give a twin update: We visited the boys, my brother, and my sister-in-law at the hospital last night. The little guys have been moved to their own private room in the NICU and they are in the same crib! This is something everyone has been waiting for—reuniting the boys, who obviously missed each other. They are now three weeks old, nursing and drinking from bottles. They are back on oxygen through nose canulas because their pulse-oximeter readings kept slipping down to the 80’s. I got to hold Ben, hubby got to hold Alex. They are precious living miracles. The prayers of so many people were with them during the scary twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome days before they were born. Pictures of Alex and Ben, and hubby holding Alex (hat turned backwards to prevent pecking Alex, not as a fashion statement):
the boysthe boys

3 comments to Auntie Alert

  • sister-of-mopsy

    And a very happy birthday to you too Mopsy on June 6th!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. We will be thinking of you.

    oh… and I’ve never been so happy to see a hamburger in my life!!! Strange timing but never-the-less deeeeeeelicious.

  • mopsy

    Oh, I believe it! After having Tommy I was starving and welcomed the turkey sandwich they gave me. I think they took my feet off the stirrups first, though.

  • 🙂 Hooray for nieces and nephews! And hooray for birthdays! I still can’t believe my little munchiekins is one!

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