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It’s Official

As a mother, I am an authority figure. As an authority figure, I deserve to flash around an official looking badge.

It is especially important to have credentials as an authority when personal actions do not reflect the authority. Namely, I need something to show I really do have it together when I make mistakes.

Let’s just take today as an example. It was field day at Sammy’s preschool. Due to having to wrangle the driving schedule for Ryley’s kindergarten pick-up, I was unable to attend (which made me feel bad). The consolation was that after picking up Ryley the four boys and I would attend the traditional post-field-day barbeque, which we were looking forward to.

We pulled up to the preschool and I noticed something odd. Parents were strapping their kids into their carseats. The catering guy was loading his truck. I shook off the feeling of doom as I told Ryley to grab the picnic blanket. I unloaded the little guys and we walked into the yard only to see the tables being cleared and people scattering. A mom offered leftover fruit skewers to me. I said “sure” like that was what I came for (where’s my crispy hot dog and greasy chips??). I went to the classroom and read the field day schedule of events—lunch started 45 minutes earlier than last year.

I learned I cannot depend on continuity of human events—only God has the market on continuity. I learned to read the dang schedule of events. I learned how foolish it feels to fold up an elaborate zippered picnic blanket with a fruit skewer dangling out of your mouth.

With no verbal excuses to offer, I fashioned a couple of badges (with the help of this place) to tell people where I am coming from. In case it happens again. Not that it will.
there's nothing to see herekeep moving

In the first badge, the jagged lines in the iron fist symbolize the hair I have torn out or the straws that broke the camel’s back. In the second badge, the keys are there to unlock my brain.

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  • Charts, magazine covers, now badges? Quite creative. My favorite “Calendars are for sissies”.

  • mopsy

    I have an arsenal of graphic making tools, including Hallmark Card Studio 2004. I wish I was motivated to direct all that creative energy into my scrapbooks, which are updated to the winter of 2000…

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