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The return of the reluctant blogger

Mopsy: “Me and Aidan are going to watch American Idol tonight.”

Me: “…”

Mopsy: “While we’re watching TV you’re going to write a blog.”

Me: “…”

“Well, that will be an interesting blog. I don’t have anything to say.”

Mopsy: “You need to write a blog.”

Me: “…”

Mopsy: “…”

I’ve been speechless a lot lately. Words don’t come easily after one finds oneself staring at… well, at interestingly customized houses. I’m getting worn out from the whole process. And, one knows it’s bad when one’s new parent of twins sister-in-law and brother-in-law are more lively at the dinner table.

“Is that a Cobb salad or a pillow?” one thinks to oneself.
“Mmmm. Pillow.” a tired inner voice answers, sounding like Homer Simpson.

I know I’m not the first person to suffer the House Hunting Blues (A quick Google brought up 888,000 matches). At least I won’t be the last.

At first I thought I was just gun-shy after the house of mold thing. Now I just think it’s lack of sleep from all the driving around town; and the long, sleepless nights spent picturing endless piles of floorplans and contract amendments.

I know the sleep will come… eventually, at least after the kids have moved out and Satuday’s are once again ideal for afternoon naps. In the mean time, the search continues.

I’m not going to stop until —

Real estate agent: “What do you think of this one?”

Me: “…”

5 comments to The return of the reluctant blogger

  • mopsy

    Awww, sweetie. You’re breaking my heart! I am so glad you blogged for me, though. I have one bone to pick with you, however:

    I do not say things like “Me and Aidan are going to watch American Idol.” I say “Aidan and I will be watching a fascinating account of the lifecyle of elm beetles on PBS. Would you be ever so kind to guest-blog for me?”

    I hope you are rendered speechless, in a good way, today.

  • mopsy

    Oh, and one more thing. “House of Mold” must be capitalized, as it is a personal historical monument.

  • Heehee I love Mopsy’s comments!

  • I feel your pain! The process is exhausting. We sold our house before we started looking and time was not on our side. The driving, thinking, the things we saw! It was painful. I am sorry I didn’t find you last week when we were very much in the same boat. Glad I did now, though 🙂

  • You two kids are a riot! 🙂

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