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Domino Effect

After a lot of deliberation and after seeking the advice of both professionals and family members, we have decided to walk away from the moldy house. Sammy’s allergies are our first concern. The other concern is even with a massive cleanup project, the mold could come back and we would be liable for that when we try to sell the house someday.

I feel worse for the sellers than for ourselves. Not only were they just told they have a major mold problem, their buyers (us) walked away when they have their new house under contract with some other seller. And what if that seller had a contract on a new house, and that seller was building a house somewhere? I can’t help but think that our decision to walk away creates very unwelcome stress in other people’s lives. But it is mold, and if you believe the internet mold is responsible for coughs, aches, fatigue, the proliferation of nuclear weapons in North Korea, and the breakup of Brad and Jen.

We will go back out this weekend, looking for another place to call home.

2 comments to Domino Effect

  • Momofmopsy

    Brad and Jen aside, I pray that God will lead you to the perfect house for your family. It may take time and lots of prayer but you will not be sorry for your careful deliberation.

  • hamster

    I think you made the right choice. Good luck in your house hunt.

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