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An Open Letter

Dear Neighbor,

A quick glance at my calendar reveals that we are on the downhill slide to March. In fact, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. You may have received a box of chocolates, a sappy card, or even a dozen red roses. Maybe you indulged in those little candy conversation hearts?

Is there any chance you noticed a conversation heart like this one:

xmas over

Yes, it is true. The Valentine’s Day conversation heart never lies. Christmas is indeed over and has been for nearly two months. As I rummaged through my Valentines I found a few other hearts that might be of interest:

take down choo choo now heart

Perhaps you can celebrate President’s Day Weekend by taking down your Christmas lights? That light-up choo choo train was darling and festive over your garage back on December 10th. Now it is not so cute. The icicle lights that brightened the season now dangle from your storm gutters. Thankfully the herd of mechanical deer have been given shelter in your garage. You made a bold start! Please, dear neighbor, finish the job.

I heard a rumor that the Easter Bunny skips houses that still have candy canes and wreaths on their front doors. You don’t want to make the Easter Bunny mad, with that big basket of eggs he carries…

Mmmm. These conversation hearts are tasty! Here is one last message that I will give to you, if you get the hint:


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