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An open letter to a rodent

Dear Groundhog,

I think you made a grave mistake.

The blackish form you noticed on the ground this morning was not your shadow. Someone must have spilled something—a too-early celebratory beer? Bad Starbucks spewed in disgust, or a Diet Pepsi ejected from the nose because someone told the perfect groundhog joke?

Or perhaps your eyes, still bleary from sleep, saw a phantom image from a dream where that mountain lion wearing a Teddy Kennedy mask chases you around. Maybe it was simple morning floaters in your eyes, causing you to think you saw something that really wasn’t there. Check with your doctor—it could be a precursor to migraines.

Regardless, I am deeply disappointed you think you saw your shadow. The impact of your vision is far-reaching and frankly depressing. We humans kinda like spring, with the fat hoppy robins, umbrellas, and daffodils. It’s no skin off your buck teeth to suffer through six more weeks of winter. You go back into your hole a celebrity, warmed by far-reaching fame and a snack of grubs. You don’t have tulip bulbs itching to explode or sundresses hanging forlornly in your closet. Some of us do.

Please, revisit this morning’s events. Search your memory, your heart. If there is any flicker, any shadow of a doubt, it is your duty to retract your prediction.

I am counting on you, oh sweet soft brown groundhog, to make things right.

Thank you,


16 comments to An open letter to a rodent

  • goslyn


    Fantastic. It feels like spring here, today, and I am already itching to dig in my garden and start a-planting. But we don’t do that until at least May here. Pooh.

  • ROFL. We are rejoicing here. “Winter” has brought us temps in the 70s and lots of sunshine, so we’re game for 6 more weeks of this before the oppressive heat moves in for the spring. And summer. And fall.

  • Really, really LOL. And joining you in hoping for spring.

  • I watched him this morning and he is one fat groundhog. Or are they all that fat? Bummer, I was hoping for spring too.

  • Oh, if only Mr. Phil had been here to check his shadow. He wouldn’t have seen it. Not a glimmer. Not a possibility of any shadow-ness for there is no sun in our sky.

    Maybe we can bribe him to change his mind? Extra grubs for early spring? Cupcakes?

  • I am so not ready for Spring. It doesn’t feel like we’ve had a winter yet. Where is the snow??? Ok, we’ve had enough wind to last us several years, but no real snow. I’m still waiting for winter. So if there are 6 more weeks, lol, I’m elated.

  • Or here. We woke to tornado warnings and a thunderstorm. But I must admit…the afternoon did feel rather springy. But we don’t know what winter is down here in the deep south. So, I’ll be as sympathetic as I can. I would hate to have six more weeks of winter if we had winter. I like spring much better!! 😛

  • Mom-of-mopsy

    Poxatoni did look a little befuddled today. Thankfully, Feb. is a short month with March on it’s heals.

  • Now, why does he out there in Punxatawnie get to decide the fate of us out west? I will only subscribe to the report of a local groundhog, and around here, as Steph said, it’s all one big shadow, cast by clouds.

  • Very cute Mopsy, I want ot know who gave this one Groundhog so much power?

  • LMAO! You are so good at writing, your blog is a sight for sore eyes.

  • I read a news article that things are supposed to turn cold this next week–all over the country. While I am glad that we will finally get a winter, I also feel a little jipped over spring’s retreat! Sweaters and jackets for a while longer!

  • I never understood why if he sees his shadow it means 6 more weeks of winter instead of spring coming. You’d think the fact that there has to be sun to make a shadow, the sun would indicate spring is coming. Never made sense to me.

  • You should send this one into the paper. I think the more publicity he gets the more he’ll reconsider! HA HA!

  • Pam

    This is funny! It went from Spring like on that day to winter here now. The snow is melting a little but we have it just the same.

    I must say that this extended winter period is a blessing for me… my freezer stopped working and I was able to save some of the food by putting it out in coolers for a couple of days (although Randi did offer some of her freezer space – thanks my dear!!). If it had happened two days earlier it would have been too warm outside to pull this off.

    Anyway, Spring will come and then summer and we might just wish for a little winter temps when the heat and humidity appear! 🙂

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