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A good investment

It weighs two tons, was once Reality-TV- Star-Bleached-Teeth-White (a good shade for the bathroom), seats seven humans with five car seats and the occasional dog, hosts numerous petrified french fries under the seats, broken crayons, and last week’s Sunday School papers.

It’s tank is full of liquid gold, also known as gasoline. it's all Ben Franklin's fault
I topped off the tank yesterday after hubby informed me he spotted a station with $3.25 a gallon advertised. I drove the kids to school so I could get to the nearest gas station before the clerk could change the “2” to a “3” on the sign.

Now I don’t want to go anywhere. I have a serious investment in the garage. It isn’t our minivan. It’s the gasoline inside. The kids will be surprised when I pick them up from school today with my walking shoes on and the stroller. Although we walk to school each morning, I have been picking them up, figuring they are probably tired after school and would whine a lot on our walk home.

Too bad I can’t bottle the whining I will hear and pump it into the tank. I could drive to California for the weekend on the fumes alone.

3 comments to A good investment

  • hamster

    I pulled Josie to the park in the bike trailor yesterday, partially because it was a nice day, and partially because of gas prices. We don’t drive much, so the increase won’t have much of an impact on us financially, but it just made me give my mode of transport a second thought.

  • Julana

    I just talked to a friend who said the higher prices are reducing his trips around town, and the traffic on his street.

  • Gas is 2.97 per gallon today-I can’t believe it! I am seriously thinking of trying to cut my usage of liquid gold until the price goes lower. It’s funny, 2.25 per gallon actually sounds cheap!!!

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