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the big picture

Ryley, Lou Ferrigno, Sam, my nephew “Bug”, and Aidan, from left to right.

5 comments to Context

  • Shayne

    Oh my gosh, when did Sammy get so big?! Your kids (and your nephew) are adorable. Little Joel must be a riot. I hope we get to come hang out with you guys some day!

  • LOL! Your words loaded on my screen before the pic, and when I saw them I thought, “Oh, wow! They got to see Lou Ferrigno, and right after that cute post the other day!” And then when the pic loaded … I love it! Cute kids!

  • Sara

    gretchen, Ryley has the single most enthusiastic grin I have ever seen. And I think that *every* picture of him I have seen, he has that sort of grin. I love it; it’s completely arresting.

  • mopsy

    It’s true, Sara! His grin is unique—he puts his whole heart into every smile, really. We call him “Smiley Ryley” for a very good reason!

  • What a beautiful smiling bunch – you can’t help but grin along with them!

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