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The pie is done and it smells heavenly in here. Usually, with small kids in the house, I avoid inhaling too deeply. Now I can’t stop myself. I hope she wants pumpkin pie for all her birthdays…

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  • Happy Birthday to Aiden! I’m sure she will love the pumpkin pie! Sounds delicious!

  • I am on my way. Love the new look. You and your husband did a great job putting it togther (concept to reality). My hubby is the code master behind my blog too.
    Happy Birthday Aiden!

  • Shayne (aka doodle)

    Mmmmm. I’m hungry just thinking about it. I actually preferred pie rather than cake for my birthday too. My mom thought it odd, but usually indulged me. I like cherry.

    Hope Aidan has a great day!

  • You’ve managed to make me nostalgic for Thanksgiving in July.

  • sister-of-mopsy

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Here’s a poem for you.

    Once upon a fairy tale
    A unicorn doth dwell.
    In a forest not far from here
    Its called the “Forest Amell”
    One day while Aiden was walking through
    she came upon a path.
    she took it and soon she found
    A small and crinkled map.
    She followed it through bushes and trees
    For that’s what it foretold.
    When she saw in the distance a unicorn
    Sparkling silver and gold.
    She ran through the forest and soon she came
    Up to the unicorn and touched her mane.
    With that one touch her birth wish was made
    And now she’s a unicorn who sings and plays all day.

  • Happy Birthday sweet Aidan!

  • Kelly (kelly5050)

    Happy Birthday Aiden!!! Hope the pie is tasty!!!

  • mopsy

    On behalf of my girl, thank you for your sweet birthday wishes (and poem, which enchanted her!). We are still celebrating…

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