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pie in the can We went to SuperTarget to buy a pumpkin pie and other groceries. Apparently, Mrs. Smith and Marie are devoting their energies to apple, key lime, and cherry pies at this time. SuperTarget doesn’t have the best selection, so I began to think about driving to King Soopers, Safeway, or Albertsons to search. But I looked at five kids hanging off the cart, arguing whether grapes or bananas are superior. That is all it took to scurry my feet to the Pie-in-a-Can aisle. Pillsbury got the nod for the pie crust. Carnation is sponsoring the evaporated milk portion of Aidan’s birthday pie. Random chickens dropped the gleaming white eggs.

Assembly, by mommy, required. I can handle it.

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  • moms_s_t

    My kids would much rather have a birthday pie! Especially after 90# of Costco cakes in 8 months from the grandparents.

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