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What’s Round, Orange, Real, American, and Grows on a Tree? You’re wrong.

Teddy, opening the refrigerator: Hey, we got any of those peaches?

Me: We don’t have peaches.

Teddy: Sure we do! Those orange balls. Peaches!

Me: We don’t have peaches. We have oranges, though. Is that what you’re thinking of?

Teddy: Oh, yeah!

I pointed to the kitchen table. A bag of clementines were lying on a cake stand. Some had spilled out. I told him to help himself.

Teddy: Cool! Peaches!

Me: They’re oranges.

Teddy: Can you help me with my peaches?

Me: I can help you with your oranges.

Teddy: Are peaches real?

Me: Yes?

Teddy: Do peaches live in America?

Me: Yes?

Teddy: Are you saying this is NOT a peach?

Me: Yes! It is not a peach. It is an orange. It’s not peach season.

He gave one to me. I gently ripped off some of the peel and handed it back so he could finish peeling.

Teddy: Wait a minute! This peach isn’t right.


Teddy: Can you help me? I think it has seeds. Do peaches have seeds?

Me: Peaches have a pit inside.

I examined the orange. There were no seeds, as clementines are usually seedless but sometimes they can still have a few small slivers. He wanted the slices in a bowl. I put them in a half-cup measuring cup.

After a few minutes, I asked if he finished his oranges.

Teddy: No. I like peaches better.


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