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Week Four ~ Back in the Corner

On Monday morning, Sam woke up saying he didn’t feel well. The day before, we managed to get out and go on a family walk and play at one of our favorite playgrounds. I was feeling so optimistic, I planned to take all the kids to Grand Junction for the week. Plans, meet trashcan. I’ll top you with a dirty diaper.

We had another week at home while Sam fought off the bug that has now ravaged our family for one month. It began on June 1st, the first day of summer break. Aside from taking a few kids to Hobby Lobby and Target for some craft supplies, we stayed home. On Saturday morning, I took Sam and Aidan to the doctor where we discovered Sam has a double ear infection. Aidan just has a virus. Again.


Amazingly, not everyone was miserable. On Saturday afternoon, some of us checked out a new playground with a paddleboat pond, carousel, and water features. We were having a lovely time, enjoying cooler weather. Joel jumped off a swing, like he’s done many times before, but this time something went awry and he landed face-first, hurting his wrist and nose. Profuse bleeding and a swollen wrist meant time for the urgent care. Thankfully, nothing was broken—he has a sprained wrist and a very bonked nose. It shouldn’t slow him down very much.

While at the doctor, Aidan said, “Last summer was so awesome. This summer sucks.”

I agreed.

But I know it could be far, far worse. We had wonderful moments just hanging out under our roof. We did origami, made ice cream bread, watched more movies, played games, and received a cool package from Nintendo to help us be Luigis.

Wrist x-ray


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1 comment to Week Four ~ Back in the Corner

  • Amy

    I am so sorry that the funky funk is still lingering around your house. Summer sickness is the worst. May your next week be healthy and filled with many adventures.

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