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It is 2:30 in the morning. I can’t sleep because I kept thinking of this picture I took during a weekend trip to Mt. Evans—one of Colorado’s 51 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet above sea level.

We drove up there this past Sunday. It was cold and stark. The only thing that grows up there are hearty wildflowers and docile flies. Snow never melts. Don’t step on the ancient lichen and listen for pica. It’s exotic.

Fog hugged the cliffs and obscured our view. We knew, if the fog simply lifted, we’d see some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world. But it persitted, sometimes erasing the road in front of us. With sheer drop-off cliffs thousands of feet down the drive was tense at times. No guardrails. There was no place to turn around. We had to keep moving forward slowly.

The road was worn, heaved, sunk, hairpinned, rough, indignantly narrow. Suddenly we’d come around a bend and see a spot where the fog hadn’t crept. Latching on to one such moment, we stopped here, at a small lake. According to the timestamp on my camera, this photo was taken at 12:03pm:


At 12:16 pm, the exact same view (note the same people and the photographer on the lower right side) was this:


It is amazing how quickly clarity caves to uncertainty. I wanted to pluck the fog off the snowy rock face like a scarf, but then I considered the obscured view has a beauty of its own. It requires trust and the belief in permanence. I couldn’t see the mountain, but I knew it was there.

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  • I love this post. So much to think about!

  • Oh. yes. 1 Cor. 13:12. Beautiful.

  • Julana

    You are fortunate to live in such a visually beautiful area.

    Luci Shaw, the (formerly Plymouth Brethren now Episcopalian) poet, has some similar things to say, about and through a poem she wrote while in Wales–or was it Iona? You might like her, if you haven’t read her, yet. She was born in Britain, grew up in Canada, attended Wheaton College, and now lives in Bellingham, WA, with her second husband, and teaches off and on at Regent College, which I think is in Vancouver.

  • That’s some good stuff. Gorgeous shots Gretchen, and amazing perspective.

  • Fey

    Gods, what a beautiful post.

  • It’s nice to be reminded that there’s a mountain, a strong place, to hold onto when things are obscured by fog. Thanks for the faith boost.


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