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Two spring breaks are better than one

Archie was held by my dad for the first time:


I got to see my mom’s lush lilacs in full bloom:


Can you smell them?


The kids blew bubbles, thanks to my mom’s purchase of a gallon jug of soap and 24 colorful wands and pipes:


We enjoyed glorious weather. Archie wore the hat his four big brothers have worn, too. It’s not a hat, it’s a legacy:


More hats, more smiles:


The evenings found the kids outside, digging in the dirt with grandma’s gardening spades. Harm to real plants was minimal:


The drive home featured a visit to a Wendy’s drive-thru in Silverthorne, where a grouping of parking lot pine trees prevented a foodless escape. It also featured a white-knuckled drive thorough thirty mountainous miles of chunky fog.

Even the perilous drive couldn’t slough away the restorative power of family, lilacs, bubbles, dirt, and sunhats.

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