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Toddler Toes Love Monkey Toes

Teddy is not a fan of shoes. I know this is an odd way to begin a review of toddler shoes, but it’s true. He’s the type of boy who would scale coconut trees, propelled by bare feet and a savage thirst for adventure. Unfortunately, living in a climate like Colorado negates that dream, at least for the next couple of decades. So what should a toddler boy put on his feet while he’s biding his time and plotting his escape to the South Seas?

As long as mommy is in charge, his toes and feet need to be protected from the elements. How about some snowmen from Monkey Toes?

Curl up and die from the cute

Monkey Toes was founded 10 years ago by a creative Colorado mom of 3 named Jenny. When Monkey Toes first launched, she hand-painted every pair—which had to be a tremendous labor of love. Her company has been growing by leaps and bounds. Recently, Babble included her in their list of the Top 50 Mompreneurs of 2011. She’s a very well-deserved #1 in the clothing and shoes category.

While she no longer hand-paints each pair, she designs shoes to reflect toddlers interests and the changing seasons, maintaining the cute without sacrificing quality. Teddy has a pair of Shivers the Snowman, which are nice because they transcend Christmas and take toddler feet into winter, which we all know lasts well beyond December 25th.

The curly laces ensure a snug fit while being practically trip-proof. Toddlers are world-famous for being shaky on their feet, so I won’t make promises, but the laces do not drag on the ground or come untied because there is no tying in the first place. If they fall while wearing Monkey Toes, it’s probably because the doorbell rang and they must get there before the dog.

The insoles are firm, but have cushion. I’ve bought inexpensive canvas shoe knock-offs in the past for myself and the kids. They aren’t comfortable and they wear out quickly. The soles of Shivers the Snowman are substantial without being heavy or unwieldy to bendy, busy feet. Of course, Teddy didn’t provide these thoughts to me. I bent and twisted and even put my big toe inside one of the shoes to confirm my suspicions that these are, indeed, some pretty nice scoots.

Monkey Toes arrive in a keepsake shoebox. This is a box you will not toss and you will not loan to your 4th grader so he can make a diorama of a pizza restaurant for school. Nope. As a parent who has considered buying shoes just to get the shoebox, I promise that will not happen if you buy Monkey Toes.

Even the box is adorable

Monkey Toes tennis shoes are available in sizes 4-8. Mary Janes for the little ladies are available in sizes 3-7. They can be found at Monkey Toes or at specialty children’s shops. They retail for $29.99. Honestly, I have to admit I thought this was a bit steep when I first heard about Monkey Toes because I’m a discount shopping lady. But when you consider the quality and the fact that many kiddos can wear the shoes—being passed down because they’ll last—it’s worth every penny. It won’t be long until I pass these shoes on to a friend’s little guy.

Jenny is graciously extending an offer to readers who would like to buy Shivers the Snowman or any of her cute designs. From now through November 30th, get 25% off by entering LIFENUT11 when you check out.

(Thanks to Monkey Toes for providing a pair of Shivers the Snowmen to Teddy and to me for review. The opinions are mine because we lived with the shoes for a month now and they are like cute old friends)

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