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Today is the 35th anniversary of the last time I ate plain Cheerios

Alison was born when I was 3 years and 2 weeks old, exactly.

I remember staying the night at the neighbor’s house when my mommy went to the hospital. These neighbors lived across the street and had two little boys. Their names were Chris and Billy. Their mom always bought pop from the Pop Shoppe, which was big in days of macrame and Pintos. A rack of orange, red, purple, and brown bottles stood next to their refrigerator. For years, I wanted one of the small bottles, but was too shy to ask. They also had an electric organ the mom played at Christmas.

On the morning my sister was born, I woke to the heavy smell of urine. One of the boys had wet his twin bed. The mom wasn’t mad or upset. She cleaned it up and then served breakfast to us. It was Cheerios.

From that point on, I’ve always associated Cheerios with pee and haven’t eaten it. I also associate Cheerios with my sister. But I don’t associate pee with my sister because I really, really love and admire that crazy chick. She is one of the best people, ever.

Today is her birthday. Isn’t she pretty? She was always The Pretty One, but I never minded because her good heart is even more beautiful.


Happy Birthday, Alison!

(she thinks she looks surprised in this photo)

10 comments to Today is the 35th anniversary of the last time I ate plain Cheerios

  • Happy Birthday to your sister! I love that you named that photo alisonmalison…I call my sister Andreasmandrea. Must be something big sisters do 🙂

  • Oh! You two look so much alike! What a funny memory. Association is a powerful force.

    Happy Birthday to Alison.

  • alisonmalison

    I never knew you associated me with cheerios in such an interesting way…. I will never look at them quite the same. Thanks for bday shout-out! Love you. Ali.

  • Your memory cracks me up. And your sister’s hair makes me hate her just a little. So I am glad you said she had a good heart. It is pretty hard to hate someone with a good heart 🙂
    .-= The Diaper Diaries´s last blog ..Frugal Friday- Old Navy Deals =-.

  • edj

    Happy bday to Allison! She doesn’t look exactly surprised…more like she’s making the “oh you’re taking my PICture” kind of face. She does have gorgeous hair, and this was a really funny post. Did your kids eat Cheerios? Can you handle the honey-nut variety?

  • You’re both beautiful!

    The reminds me of the time my husband was cooking turkey chili when I came home from work and had been suffering from a bad case of morning sickness. Didn’t have that again for a year.

    And the time we were driving out of town to go on vacation and I was eating Chex Mix when the car up ahead of us hit a peacock and feathers went flying everywhere. Couldn’t eat Chex Mix for a long time.

    The first time afterward’s the hardest. After that, it’s just Cheerios again. :o)

  • She IS beautiful. I can totally tell you are sisters. Happy Birthday to her.


  • How have you managed to avoid the stray Cheerios your children must surely have thrown you way? I’m impressed with your dedication.

    Happy birthday to your sister.
    .-= Kelly @ Love Well´s last blog ..God’s Fireworks =-.

  • Happy Birthday Alison!

    She looks so much like you, Gretchen! And I’m envious of her beautiful, long hair.
    .-= Shayne´s last blog ..Father’s Day Shopping =-.

  • She is so pretty!

    And you have an amazing memory! I can’t remember much before I was about four or five.

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