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Babywearing glitch

We have an Infantino (I suspect this is the Little Debbie of babywearing devices) front carrier. It’s super cute and padded and not uncomfortable to wear.

BUT, it seems to cut off circulation in Archie’s legs. When he’s riding around in it, one or both of his legs will turn purple, mottled, and angry looking. He doesn’t seem bothered by it, but I can’t let his little legs dangle there like two chubby sausages made out of Barney meat.

Consequently, no Archie strapped to our chests, enjoying the sights and sounds of summer. He’s stuck in the stroller, which has it’s time and place but isn’t always practical.

Is this a universal issue with front carriers? Or just ours?

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  • NOT universal. We have an Ergo (which is super duper comfy for the grown-up) and it keeps the baby/toddler legs in a nice comfortable position with no scary circulation issues. If that seems like too much to invest, a ring sling is less expensive and also really comfortable for front and hip carries for infants and toddlers.

  • julianne

    Nope, not universal. That style of front carrier where the baby hangs by the crotch (Snugli, Infantino, Bjorn, etc.) will do that. The ergonomically designed carriers for front and back, like Ergo, Beco Butterfly, Pikkolo, and many other brands (you won’t find them at Babies R Us; online is a better bet) will not. A good carrier puts baby in a comfortable seated position with legs wrapped around you, not dangling down in front of you. For more info on all the different carriers, is great. Good luck finding something that works for you–it’s so sweet to have a little one snuggling up comfortably on your chest or back!

  • Does this happen when you have him facing the other way?

    Wish I could offer advice, but my little girl HATED the sling. I tried a couple different ones and then just gave up.

  • Our Ergo is super comfy for both baby and Mom/Dad. No Barney sausage legs either 🙂

    Wanna try ours out for a bit and see what you think?

  • Gretchen- let me know what you’d like to try- I’ve got a black sleepy wrap I could send you or a very girly action carrier (like the Ergo I think) that I Just won and it’s on its way to me- I’d be glad to send to you. I also have a pouch I could send… let me know! (and definitely take up that offer to try the Ergo from the comment above!)


  • PS The only thing with most other carriers is that he would be facing IN and not out, but really it is supposedly better for your balance and his groin area if he is facing in and not out. Ivy doesn’t seem to mind at all facing in, and if you master a back carry I’m sure he’d LOVE that.


  • Kim

    I agree with everyone else, the Ergo rocks! I would take Steph up on her offer to try some different carriers also. Try the Ergo, try her sleepy wrap, see which one you like. My kids have all loved the Ergo and don’t mind facing in at all. It is actually better for them so they don’t get so overstimulated.

    Good luck to you!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Girls Camp 2009 =-.

  • Gretchen — we are trying the Scootababy Hip Carrier with Emmeline; I always hated those front carriers! Good luck!

  • Little Debbie of babywearing devices… you crack me up.

  • I totally thought is was universal, but have learned alot from your comments. Thanks for sharing!!
    .-= courtney from mommie blogs´s last blog ..sun and earth tour =-.

  • amy

    Hey — we didn’t have this problem with the Bjorn and even though the Ergo is more comfortable (weight on hips instead of your shoulders), our kids didn’t like it because they wanted to look out, not it. I’m so surprised that so many kids are just content to look at their mom’s chest all day. Even though the front carriers are said to possibly cause hip displasia, our kids seem ok.

  • Vanessa

    We use the Maya ring sling. Baby (now toddler) likes it and so do I. I have done many long walks through airports with him comfortably on my hip and my arms free. He likes that he can still see forward or lay his sleepy head on my shoulder.

    Try e-bay for used prices on this and the other mentioned types.

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