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Just when I think the piece taken out of my heart has been found, I come upon a picture like this and I realize it is on the other side of the universe and always will be:
hope cherishing love

It has been only seven weeks since we learned our baby was gone. I wonder if every Thursday, for the rest of my life, I will know how many weeks it has been?

I added a new link a few days ago. It will take you to The Shining Light Fund. They help families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss by hand-making beautiful memory bracelets as a small, meaningful way to memorialize the loss. Mine is on the way.

***you can find the picture here

3 comments to Thursday

  • moms_s_t

    I so know what you’re going through. My prayers are with you.

  • Stacey

    It gets better, I promise, but you’re right…a day won’t go by that you don’t think about it. The hurt does lessen though. I love that print, it’s beautiful. We all miss you so much Gretchen!

  • Joanne

    What a beautiful picture! I am amazed at what a mother’s heart can go through. Don’t you wonder how Mary made it through the execution of her son, Jesus? And to stand helplessly by and not be able to do anything? Whether preborn or and adult, a mother’s love will always be.

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