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The shoes

Here are the shoes I bought at Payless. The left shoe rubbed the skin off my heel as I walked the kids to school yesterday. I will wear them again, of course. I used one of the boy’s rubber balls to stretch out the shoe’s heel overnight. Women do such terrible things to their feet in the name of fashion.
Cheap Shoes + SpongeBob bandaids = friends forever

6 comments to The shoes

  • Heather

    I am coming out of blog lurkdom to comment on yout shoes. They are fabulous, and definately worth a little pain. Just throw a bandaid on and all is well. Fashion before comfort I say.

    I love reading your blog Gretchen. It’s a little sunshine in my day and I daily look forward to seeing what is going on with you and your family.

    I hope the first day of school went well. 🙂

  • Shayne

    They are cute! Kind of a sporty Mary Jane kind of look. Never thought of using a ball to stretch out the heel of a show. Clever!

  • mopsy

    Thanks for coming out of lurkdom, Heather. Cute shoes are a powerful draw.

    😉 aren’t I clever, Shayne? I should send that tip into Good Housekeeping or something.

  • Vashti

    Wow! I want a pair. Those are really cute.

  • Dawn/LizzySue

    I think they are cute!!
    Definitely NOT a water shoe…good choice!

  • Such cute shoes! I’m a bit jealous because my feet are too long to look cute in shoes like that. They look perfect for the fall. Lucky you!

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