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I am hoping our battery operated pencil sharpener stops working

at least the ketchup isn't spoiled

They say everything happens in threes.

1. Microwave

2. Refrigerator

3. Hasn’t happened yet, but I am pulling for some sort of inexpensive, seldom-used, and easily replacable appliance to go next: A flashlight. Or the electric hand-mixer, which is only taken out of its drawer when I crack open a box of Duncan Hines or make Whoopie Pies. The pencil sharpener, which was recently recruited to sharpen 62 (literally) #2 pencils for the kids’ school supply lists and put away for next year’s batch.

Tonight, our refrigerator has apparently become ill, running a fever high enough to melt popsicles all over my Lean Cuisines, turn pot stickers to plain sticky, and meatballs to mush.

Luckily, erstwhile blogger Nini lives close enough for hubby to run a load of groceries to her refrigerator. We had to make some hard choices—ancient Jack Daniels BBQ sauce? Iffy jarred pesto? Ham n’ Cheese Smartwiches? What was worthy of seeing the inside of Nini’s fridge and what would find itself inside of a white kitchen trashbag?

Tomorrow we will call a certain retail establishment that sells famous appliances named after a dude called Ken Moore (I would think he’d be embarrassed) and ask for a repair person to make a house call. The refrigerator is less than two years old. The previous owners left behind all their paperwork and manuals for the appliances. It should still be under warranty.

7 comments to I am hoping our battery operated pencil sharpener stops working

  • Ugh – I remember running food to my parent’s house one hot August night a few years ago when our fridge died. I share your hope that #3 is some small, insignificant, and easily replaceable gadget.

  • Shayne

    Yuck! I hope they can fix it easily and cheaply! A couple of years ago our fridge went out and I had to send an igloo cooler full of frozen breast milk to my parent’s house to store in their freezer. My dad was really thrilled to come pick that up! LOL!

  • Didn’t you just move? If the fridge was included when you bought the house and if you have a home warranty, the fridge is probably included in it, so you might not have to pay for a new one, or atleast only pay a deductible. Just a thought!

  • Doesn’t the refrigerator count as two and the freezer count as three? You might already be done.

  • mopsy

    Laura, I like the way you think. Sears isn’t promising a repair person until Monday! But we are on the “emergency” list for cancellations.

  • Julana

    I have a friend whose furnace, dishwasher, and refrigerator went on the blink this summer. She also had a root canal.

  • mopsy

    I’ve had that kind of *year*, Julana, right down to the root canal (June 13th, to be exact). Root canals cost the same as a brand-new decent refrigerator.

    It could be worse. It’s to the point now that when things happen we look at each other and have to laugh at how absurd its become.

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