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The boy who has the blanket with sleeves

Now Joel can play video games without entering a state of deep hypothermia.

He can crunch a big bowl of buttery popcorn and chat on the phone while maintaining 98.6. degrees. He’ll be able to read without angrily wrestling a traditional blanket into obedience.

Best of all? Joel will be able to attend high school sporting events without feeling the snap of late-fall Saturdays. Cheering enthusiastically from wooden bleachers can be done in comfort and ease. I think we better find a sporting team to follow, now that Joel was given the gift of his dreams yesterday.


He began to open the Gift of the Day, but was sidetracked by an important phone call from grandparents. He didn’t mind. He didn’t know.


It’s blue. It’s fleece. It’s As Seen On TV.




From the first time he saw the commercial, Joel has begged for his own Snuggie. It’s been a year of subtle reminders and outright pleading. A Snuggie would make his 6th birthday the best ever. It was never a passing fad, like the Pancake Puffs maker or the Big City Slider gadget. He wanted those too, but quickly stopped asking. The Snuggie was forever.


He noted that he actually felt a little chilly while opening his presents, so he better wear it. He wasted no time.


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