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Now we are six


Joel is 6 today so he still has the right to sport a chocolate milk-dotted nose. You lose that right when you turn 39. Last year, it was 38 but an international governing body changed it for some reason.

Our fourth son and fifth child continually cracks us up with his funny, friendly observations. It’s daily and it’s relentless. Joel is very much an extrovert and he likes asking people questions about their lives.

He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He will be Dr. Joel and he’ll drive a doctor car that says Dr. Joel on the side.

Look for it in about 25 years. I’d tell you to wave at him, but he will wave first and offer stomach surgery THEN a Tylenol. If you balk, he will talk you into it. He’s good.

Happy Birthday to our Joely. I love you, buddy.

For birth story fans: Joel’s birth.

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