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Candy Cane Fangs are the Key to Happiness

My latest post is up over at The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas. I made a handy-dandy list of 42 crazy-simple ways you can recapture holiday magic. Think like a child! Be a big bad wolf. Play with your cousins. Stick your tongue to a metal light pole on a frosty wintery morn. Go say […]

Snoopy Thanksgiving is here to stay

It was a breezy whim born on Thanksgiving 11 years ago. Now, it’s a deeply important family tradition. Thanksgiving Day with our kids wouldn’t be the same without our Snoopy Thanksgiving celebration.

At around 11 am on Thanksgiving morning, post-parade, pre-feast, we have the kids prepare their special observance of the holiday. Like Snoopy in […]