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Little blasts of a deep connection

Ollie had another strange breathing/croupy/wheezing attack, so I called the pediatrician the moment they opened yesterday and made an appointment. Ryley asked if he could come. His motives were ulterior (he had money and suspected I’d end up at a store) but I was glad to have him join us.

It’s odd being out […]

Candies for Babies

Tommy stayed home from school today. He has some sort of odd rash, most likely brought on by unfortunate timing. I ran out of our usual sensitive skin dryer sheets and switched to an old box from the back of the shelf. This time of year, we have to use dryer sheets because the dry […]

Teddy loves Ollie

Teddy yanks Ollie’s arm like it’s an old school slot machine handle. Teddy positions his face 1/8 inch from Ollie’s, saying, “Ollie! Ollie! Ollie! Ollie! Ollie!” Teddy piles his little cars on Ollie in hopes he will play. Ollis is his baby. Not yours. Not mine. Certainly not Ryley’s.

Teddy and Ollie