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Ten signs you should have a big family

1. Noise makes you feel happily energized.

Sometimes, at dinner, it gets so loud my husband and I stare at each other in wonder. Mindful the Queen of England would be horrified, we encourage taking turns when conversing. But we don’t expect all eleven of us to share in the same conversations night after […]

Wherever we go

“Are you having a birthday party?” the conductor asked my husband as we exited the historic Ft. Collins trolley.

“No. It’s just us.”

We were having a family outing to the north-flung areas of Colorado, winding our way around country roads until we arrived in Ft. Collins. On weekends, history and transportation enthusiasts […]

Saturday Siblings ~ All of Them, Spring 2014 Edition

It’s not easy getting all nine of them to look at a small circle on my phone, in unison, with smiles or other somewhat pleasant facial expressions. There is always someone who is feeling surly and someone who is compelled to be silly. I’ve learned to embrace and appreciate what I manage to snap because […]