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It’s time to shine, anthocyanins!

Let’s do this, xanthophyll! The chemistry behind fall’s gorgeous display of colors is fascinating and complex. The unique chemical composition of differing tree species, coupled with environmental conditions, determines if a tree will turn red, orange, yellow, purple, or brown. Chlorophyll, which makes leaves green in summer, begins to wane. This allows the color chemicals […]

Being Unoffendable in the Age of Perpetual Offense

“So what if—just dreaming out loud here—Christians were known as the people you can’t offend?” ~ Brant Hansen, Unoffendable, pg. 20.

The morning after I started reading Brant Hansen’s new book, Unoffendable, I was confronted by how easily I get offended. Angry, even. The pettiest inconveniences lead to tension. Teeth grit, eyeballs shoot laser beams, […]

Heart and Soul

For two years, I was proud to be a contributor at A Deeper Story. I wrote alongside many amazing authors, writers, and poets, often wondering how on earth I got so lucky. I often felt unworthy. They were the Alice Coopers to my Wayne.

Nish Wiseth, the founder and chief editor, has decided the […]