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The milky way is a rocky road

I have nursed nine children. Leave it to the ninth to turn everything I believed and practiced upside-down and inside-out. I have been humbled by nursing Oliver and he’s not quite three weeks old. It’s proof, once again, that pride flounces and the fall sticks out her foot.

Oliver is my third baby born […]

Build a better nursing lounge

“Why don’t more moms use nursing lounges provided in public places, like malls, churches, and other businesses?”

I read this concern in a comment thread regarding public breastfeeding. A man stated he saw lounges but didn’t think women used them. His evidence was seeing women breastfeeding near the lounges but not in the lounges.


Whipping it Out

Not everyone is comfortable with breastfeeding in public. I understand people have varying degrees of exposure to the act and art of breastfeeding. I fully respect other viewpoints when they are made respectfully and thoughtfully.

However, I find myself bristling when I hear the following from people who are on the anti side of […]