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Week One ~ A Slow Start

Everyone agrees. It would be best if we could pack up and move to Danville, where summer vacations are 104 days. But, we must work with what we are given and it’s nowhere close to 104 days. Divide that in half and add a sprinkling of a few Saturdays and Sundays. The first week of the kids’ summer break was fun, frustrating, sad, worrisome, tiring.

The Bad and Sad: Our older dog, Junie, isn’t doing well. She’ll be eleven later this month and is confined to bedrest and medications for an indefinite time. We’ve been battling more illness. The weather was jacket-worthy more than one day. It seemed more like early April than June.

The Great and Powerful: The kids and I attended an event at The Food Bank of the Rockies where we learned ways kids can fight hunger in their communities. We visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I celebrated birthday #42. We attended our first major league lacrosse game. We went on a few walks and invaded a few playgrounds. We painted our kitchen lavender.

The Funny: A man at the lacrosse game kept giving us dirty looks. We weren’t unduly loud or obnoxious, but he was clearly bothered by our presence and kept shooting his wife meaningful looks. Then she’d look at us and shoot him meaningful looks back. Sorry to exist, dudes. Anyway, at one point, Teddy wanted to sit on my lap. I was directly behind Miffed Man. Teddy unleashed the worst fart of his life. He’s two, he isn’t into decorum. Loudly, the man addressed his wife, “Someone needs to check his pants!” It was difficult to not laugh. Teddy’s pants were fine. And his timing was perfect.

On the last day of school, we always visit Little Man Ice Cream in Denver. Beatrix is showing her new grade.

Through a light bulb...

Tommy and Joel in a playground saucer.


At the Food Bank of the Rockies


Flowers for 42

Sugar for 42

Home of the Denver Outlaws (and a certain NFL team)

It was 80's Night at the lacrosse game! We are the proud owners of 10 pairs of these shades!


They won.

Maybe this summer will be a tortoise and finish strong?

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