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Shaking the sting away

Greetings from my queen-sized bed!

Once again, late pregnancy has brought me to the land of oligohydramnios—the fancy-pants way to say “low amnionic fluid.” Nobody knows why my body or my babies suddenly decide to replicate The Sahara inside, but this is my fifth time battling it away. This past Tuesday, I had a […]

Soaking the celebration ~ Week 5

Water > Fire

It was like celebrating Christmas without a tree, stockings, a nativity, church by candlelight. The 4th of July in a state with a recent fireworks ban (due to crispy conditions and deadly wildfires) means a day without smoke, booms, more booms, rockets red glare, things bursting in air. We had to come […]

Revisiting the first trimester

You missed my entire first trimester! Congratulations! Really, if there were a way to skip those fretful, stressful, urpy weeks, I would. Now I’m pretty established in the second trimester, so I’m reflecting on some of those moments I couldn’t share then.

~ When I was around 10 weeks pregnant, we went to a […]