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Super-fast dizzy spinning happy screams

What better way to hail summer? We see it on the horizon, we wave wildly. Come here, you beautiful thing. Let’s get this started with a smile or eleven.

For the fifth year, we visited Lakeside, a Denver institution. Is it Denver’s fanciest amusement park? No way. It’s unpretentious and slightly grubby. It clings to mid-century signage and is proud of being more than a footnote in Denver’s history. It’s more than a footnote in our family’s history, too.

I love documenting our Lakeside nights with photos, comparing them to years-past. It’s a wonderful way to watch the kids grow. They’re a daring bunch with strong stomachs. I couldn’t be more proud.




















Lakeside Night 2009
Lakeside Night 2010
Lakeside Night 2011
Lakeside Night 2012

4 comments to Super-fast dizzy spinning happy screams

  • Kira

    It looks perfect! We are taking a family vacation in CO this summer, and I may have to put this on our list! We’re always looking for fun, but not necessarily touristy things to do! 🙂

  • Melanie

    That silhouette shot should be blown up and framed! Lovely!

    • Gretchen

      Thanks! We try to catch that moment every year. Also, if you’re coming to CO this summer, let me know. I’d love to meet somewhere.

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