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“What’s for dinner?” asked Ryley.

“I’m inventing a soup.”

Ryley has a gift for asking questions I never anticipate: “Is it going to be ugly?”

“You can bet on it.”

He wandered off. I spent the next 20 minutes fielding questions from all the other kids about my invented soup. What’s in it? Why? Why are you inventing a soup? Do I have to try it?


Eventually I declared the soup done enough to scoop into bowls. I passed them out. Skepticism was in the air.

Aidan cheerfully offered, “Sometimes foods that look disgusting taste good!” Later she said it was like eating baby food soup—which everyone knows is crazy.

We dove in. It was okay. I wouldn’t recommend this recipe to anyone, however. Still, I am compelled to share in case someone has suggestions on how to improve this soup. It seemed like it had so many possiblities last night. Something got lost in translation, though.

2 boxes Campbell’s Select Gold Label Butternut Squash soup
1 can cannellini, rinsed and drained (in retrospect I would have used two cans)
1 package of Archer Farms Garlic and Spinach Chicken Sausage links
1 Hostess Twinkie
Ground pepper to taste.

Pour the soup into a large pot and begin simmering according to package directions. Cook the sausage using the proper utensils in case your nine-year-old daughter is watching and comments that she didn’t know you could turn sausages like that. Rinse and drain the beans. Stir them into the soup. Simmer.

Take out your Hostess Twinkie and slowly eat it as you consider Plan B. Stir.

It needs pepper. Trust me. Add it. Stir.

Once the sausage is thoroughly heated, slice it into bite-sized pieces and add it to the soup. Stir.

You can stir a soup or a soul until it’s dizzy, but if the right ingredients aren’t there to begin with nothing will help.

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