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Still spinning

~Archie is only 19 days old and has experienced life under two different presidents.

~I returned my Baby Beat a few days ago, which was a much less emotionally draining experience than the act of picking it up.

~I have lost 25 pounds so far.

~I am really, really far behind on reading all my favorite blogs. And if I manage to read, I am not commenting much.

~Ahhh, the hospital and doctor bills are starting to trickle in. It doesn’t take them long, does it?

~I had my post-op appointment this past week, which consisted of the doctor looking at my incision for 2.5 seconds and telling me to come back in four weeks.

~My c-section was supposed to be yesterday—January 23rd. This was the date scheduled back in November that I was so cryptic about.

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