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Sprinkles are involved, but not the kind you might think

When I first heard the words diaper and cake paired together, my stomach scratched its head. Diapers, in any state, aren’t edible. Cake? Infinitely edible, when done correctly. Diaper cakes? Something for a goat’s birthday or at worst, a cruel joke.

It was a few years ago when diaper cakes started appearing at baby showers as centerpieces and gifts. If you aren’t familiar with diaper cakes, they are made from new disposable or cloth diapers, bound together with ribbon to resemble a cake. The diapers are usable, once the cake is disassembled. The cakes can be simple or very ornate, nearing the most intricate and obnoxious wedding cake spied at any of Mariah Carey weddings.

Left to my own devices, I’d create a diaper cake like this:


(It’s universally known that I am unable to remove a cake from a pan without it breaking into seven or eight powdery pieces, so I left my diaper cake in the pan as well. Just being consistent.)

That’s why nobody has ever asked me to make a baby shower’s diaper cake, and probably why nobody has ever asked me to make a cake.

Luckily for moms-to-be and baby shower planners, true diaper-cake artists like Leah exist. She sent a diaper cake to Archie and I was thoroughly amazed by every detail. She owns a business called Diaper Cakewalk.

With huge talent and an eye for detail, the Diaper Cakewalk fuzzy confection came out much better than mine:


When it arrived, I was impressed by the solid packing job. Nothing shifted. It was in one beautiful fanlike configuration of Pamper’s Swaddlers wrapped in white tulle, ready to be used as a centerpiece or as a gift. Dotted around the three tiers were sample-sized baby care products, securely attached. A whimsical and super-soft elephant completed the cake effect on a sweet note.

My favorite thing about the diaper cake, though, is that every last element is functional and usable. Any mother-to-be would appreciate receiving something so swoony-cute and practical. Often, with baby gift-giving, you have to sacrifice one for the other.


The one noticeable omission? No sprinkles. I love sprinkles on cake.

I guess Leah and everyone involved at Diaper Cakewalk figure the baby will take care of that on his or her own.

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