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Thanks to each of you who prayed and left encouragement in my last post. I was quite worried, irritated, and angry after yesterday’s appointment. Like many of you, my husband pointed out that if Mr. Baby looked truly bad, they would have magically found a bed for me. I took a lot of comfort in that thought, and in all of your wise words and support.

I am home from today’s visit to L&D. It seemed quiet, even though a nurse promised it was just as busy as yesterday. I was picturing women draped over every surface, laboring under desks and in cabinets, newborns wearing little hats fashioned from yesterday’s newspaper because the supply dried up. Nope.

I was led to an actual L&D room this time, instead of the triage closet. Room #4, right next door to #3 where Boo-Boo was born seven years and two days ago. I was gowned, vital’d, braceleted, and hooked up. Mr. Baby was being quite wild for a change, so his strip looked fantastic. I don’t know what got in to him, other than Divine Inspiration to express himself through Snoopy dancing on my diaphragm, but he passed with flying colors. They didn’t recheck my fluid, but the NST was reassuring enough.

We were free to go about our business.

I go back this Monday for an ultrasound and NST. Please keep us on your prayer lists. He still has more baking to do in there. It would be nice if we can make it another two weeks, my doctor said. I agree.

I am not ready, but that is a whole other post.

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