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I just got home from my latest ultrasound and NST.

Fluid level is only 7. That is the lowest it has been during this pregnancy. The NST wasn’t that stellar, either. Several decelerations and a flat-looking strip didn’t make anyone happy. The doctor was going to send me to L&D again for prolonged monitoring. But when she called the hospital she was told there wasn’t a bed available and wouldn’t be for awhile. In fact, they had ladies backed up waiting for rooms to open. Stacks and stacks of heavily pregnant women!

According to the doctor, everyone wants to have their babies out and home for the holidays—implying a lot of inductions were going on. Gee, how nice for them. Meanwhile, I, with my low fluid and iffy NST must WAIT until 2pm tomorrow to make sure the baby is okay.

Having a newborn dressed in red velour in a photo next to the tree is INFINITELY more critical.

So, please keep me and Mr. Baby in your prayers the next 24 hours while I wait for my designated slot at L&D to open. I am going to maintain a low profile swigging gallons of water and lounging, trying not to imagine my baby’s massive noggin (his head is measuring huge) squishing the umbilical cord because of lack of a nice pillow of fluid.

I need peace, I need wisdom, I need the next 24 hours to fly by in a dizzying array of baby kicks and dramatic abdominal swelling for me, signaling the arrival of blessed, blessed fluid.

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